YEAR: 2020

Duration: 30 Min

Director: Omri Dekel Kadosh

Where & when: חצר הרשקוביץ, 23 Sept' - 19:45


Omri reunites his divorced parents and three brothers for a drive to the heart of the desert. There in front of his camera he׳ll ask them to recollect the fatal car accident they had on the way to his Bar Mitzvah. An accident that led to his parents&rsquo. divorce Omri films the drive as research for a fiction film he is working on. He tries to make his family to recollect memories from that time, and understand what caused the accident and the divorce. But the journey, which began as an exciting family trip, turns into a renewed family breakup. The question of guilt in the accident and the responsibilities for breaking up the family turns the drive into a family-crash, On the border between the documentary and the fiction and in front of Omri׳s camera. Later on the memory of the accident and the memory of Omri&rsquo.s family research intertwine, and become a fictional cinematic interpretation that presents Omri׳s point of view on the accident, for the first time.

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