YEAR: 2021

Duration: 25 Min

Director: Naama Lahav

Where & when: חצר שכטר, 22 Sept' - 22:45


Young Omer finds out she is pregnant and decides to have an abortion. She is addicted to sedatives and resents her worried mother, Limor, and therefore constantly pushes her away, causing her mother only greater distress. She tries to use her situation in order to lure back her ex-boyfriend, who left her heartbroken, only to find out he has moved on to someone else when he comes to support her upon her request. She follows him to his house where she discovers he had been lying to her as a way to distance her and doesn׳t love her anymore. Devastated Omer tries to numb her feelings by consuming large portions of Xanex and is picked up by Limor. Omer finally responds to her mother reaching out to her and realizes eventually that she has been her true source for love and support all along.

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