YEAR: 2021

Duration: 18 Min

Director: Din Vintrove

Where & when: חצר שכטר, 23 Sept' - 21:15


Reuven and Ora, a bereaved couple in their late fifties, lost their first-born son in a terror bombing twenty years ago. They are leaving their home to live closer to their remaining daughter, noa, who is now married. On moving day, tensions and pain that filled the void between the two, rise to the surface. The film starts with the movers arrival, first thing in the morning. Reuven, now a religious man who had found faith after his son, dolev, died, is packing dolev&rsquo.s room: A &ldquo.monument&rdquo. that had been left untouched. In the meantime, Ora, who in light of tragedy shortened her name to Or (which stands for &ldquo.light&rdquo. in Hebrew) is helping and guiding the movers throughout the house. Reuven, a stubborn, proud man, refuses to receive his wife׳s help packing Dolev׳s room, and Ora is left standing outside the door, waiting. When done boxing, Reuven exits Dolev&rsquo.s room holding only his son׳s electric &ldquo.Roland&rdquo. vintage organ under his arm, close to the heart. The instrument attracts the attention of a young moving crew member, A 20-year-old kid named Omar, who offers to carry the organ for Reuven, but he again refuses. The three movers empty out Dolev&rsquo.s room, while Reuven and Ora stand to watch, as they remain speechless. Outside, at lunch break, Reuven is unable to communicate with the other two vivid movers, trying to keep himself together. Inside the house, Ora allows Omar to play dolev&rsquo.s old electric organ in the family׳s living room. The sound of Dolev&rsquo.s instrument, the spark in Ora&rsquo.s eyes, and young Omar&rsquo.s confidence, all together, appears overwhelming for Reuben, who eventually confronts the movers and his wife. Come evening, emotions, difficulties and fears that were never acknowledged, until now, allows both partners to finally face their shared sorrows, and try and make a new home for themselves.

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