YEAR: 2019


Duration: 15 Min

Director Vlad Bolgarin

Synopsis: In a grey town, covered with fog and smog, an ordinary man lives. He has everything necessary for a simple and ordinary life, but he does not seem to have any desire or joy. He always sighs, without reason, until one day he dries out and shrinks to the size of a stick. Then, a colored boy appears, on a tricycle, with balloons, and he tries to help him, but the man ignores the boy. The hero attempts in several ways to return to his normal self, but fails everytime and ends up surrendering. When there is no hope, the little colourful boy appears and pumps him up with air, then puts a piece of tape on his mouth. The hero takes the form of a balloon and rises above the city, passing through the fog. Finally, he gets to the sky where he sees everything in colour for the first time in his life. He pulls the tape off of his mouth and the air comes out with force, spreading the fog that covers the city. The hero falls to the ground and lands in the basket of the boy's tricycle. Both of them roam the bright and colourful city until they find a grey man sitting down with a desperate look. They stop, look at each other and decide to help the grey man in the same way.

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