Selected Milk (Added from Reconstituted Milk Powder Whole Pasteurized Homogenized)

YEAR: 2020


Duration: 20 Min

Director Jose Luis Ducid

Synopsis: Jose Luis Ducid, without pasteurization, serves us – sells us – poems with his curdling, his acidic point of sarcasm, and well sprinkled with the powder of realism. The vía crucis, or say: the milky way of this film takes place in non-bucolic spaces and without much meringue. Situations in which people die vomiting custard. Indi-blurp cinema – with gestures. Ducid is a skeptical character in the supermarket of life. And he appears a bizarre storyteller. (Estíbaliz Espinosa) Visually, “Selected Milk” brings the principle of economy to its maximum: only one frame illustrates each situation. Facing the “ready-made” commercial cinema, where everything is explained in the screen, but also facing the elegance of hiding the evident or the unpolished, José Luis Ducid arrives, in an ascetic rapture, to cinematographic adamism: the image doesn’t tell, it only suggests, evokes, proposes; one nude frame summarizes the scene, showing only the starting point to the spectator’s imagination, and fulfilling thus the true AUDIO-visual mandate: What you see complements what you hear, and not vice versa. Turned around cinema. Forgotten cinema. (Richard Hotz)

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