YEAR: 2020


Duration: 11 Min

Director Isaac King

Synopsis: “WhateverTree” tells the story of how a dead tree becomes an online viral meme and selfie destination. It also describes how the “wildlife tree” is home to fungi, insects and other creatures, performing a unique role in the forest ecosystem. Louise observes and records wildlife with her smartphone, representing E.O. Wilson’s “biophilia” hypothesis - that humans innately seek connections with nature. In contrast, Logan takes a selfie in front of the tree, vainly proclaiming human dominance. Consumed by their screens, Logan’s followers are ambivalent to the wonders of nature. Indifferent to both human narcissism and conservation efforts, the tree falls, returning nutrients to the soil and renewing the forest. These connections, both ecological and through social media, highlight our attitudes toward nature: concerned, indifferent, or exploitative - determining if we’ll live alongside or against the natural world.

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