YEAR: 2019

United States

Duration: 8 Min

Director Daniel Hishikawa

Synopsis: Eggg is a fast-paced visual essay augmented by original music and sound, guided by spoken word. This film is an investigation which seeks to shed light on what it is, within, that drives us all. This work examines not only the individuals that we propose to be, it examines us as the collective mystery. Do we have a purpose? Do we have control over destiny? Fate? Our Lives may not be more than a beat, a second, a moment in time, but how is our moment linked to the string of other moments before and after? Why do we possess this need to build things bigger, taller, larger? Why are we driven to fill the void? The essence of life may not be the joy we feel at the good, or despair at the bad, but simply the drive in the cells which form us, that grow in us and expand in us, and set us adrift in an ever-expanding universe in which everything has the common goal: to get bigger. Eggg is directed by Daniel Hishikawa with original music and sound design by Jorge Alcalde. Eggg is the premiere film in the wake-up series from producer Lorenzo Sanjuan and writer/narrator Brian Moran.

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