Expiration Date

YEAR: 2020

United States

Duration: 15 Min

Director Camilla Borel-Rinkes

Synopsis: The short documentary Expiration Date tells the stories of four 70+ single ladies, and their personal experiences and emotional struggles with aging and online dating in Los Angeles. Challenging societal conceptions towards being old, the film offers an honest account of single women in their golden years. Following Jan Belson (74), Mary-Jo Durand (70), Ellen Gerstein (72) and Nancy Cronig (81), as they talk frankly about their desires, fears and their bodies. Through their life learnings, the film sheds light on ageism, negative stereotypes, physical disability and loss, while also presenting a hopeful message to women and men of all generations. It’s a story of the universality of human emotion, self-worth and love, regardless of age.

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